About Alexa

I am a wife to one husband–Kevin, and a mom to 3 mildly feral children–Carson, Zoey, and Piper (still in my belly here in this photo). My kids are extremely silly, busy, active, funny, sweet, smart, and well…intense!

I really try to be calm, peaceful… patient…but I think it’s time to accept that I may never fully embody those traits. My son wanted to take a photo with my camera, and then he wanted to take a few more…and apparently, Piper was wanting in on the action, too, you know–if I was just handing out turns.

Me, with my brother Zac, circa 1997. “Pretend like you LIKE each other!” my grandmother would say sing-songedly to us, while also sounding like she was reaching the end of her rope with our antics. She loved adventures, and took us on many throughout our childhood.

Apparently, my parents put me in some sort of pageant when I was a toddler, and I won? I always find this funny to think about because I am not one for frilly dresses and being dolled up. I look happy enough though, so I guess I didn’t mind!

Kevin, somewhere in the 2005 range, sitting in his Volvo. We started dating in 2004, and got married in 2010. Bought a house in 2008. Had our first baby in 2012. It’s hard to believe we have been together about half our lives. I’m not sure that he knows it, but he really is my rock.

Me, around 5 years old. My mom had this massive pin collection that she kept on a long, striped, bean filled sock thing. I remember thinking it looked like Tigger’s tail. I always found it fascinating. I kept it for a while. Then over time, the pins got rusty, and eventually I got rid of them.

Our tiniest one, at 4 weeks old. Piper was born with half a heart, but what she lacks in anatomy, she makes up for in her spunky spirit. She is quite the talker, and wants to do everything that Carson and Zoey do. When Piper is happy, she sings passionately to her favorite songs, which yes, by the way, is just absolutely adorable coming out of her tiny, 2 year old self.

Dinner time. Always an event. The kids are cackling and joking and kicking each other under the table, all the while, Kevin and I are just trying unsuccessfully to talk over the cacophony to share details of our day with each other.

I always say that everything I do “costs” me something. I can’t keep control of everything, something always gets dropped. This is what it cost to fold laundry one day. Piper dumped water out of the dog’s bowl (a favorite activity of hers). I asked her to wipe it up, which she was happy to do. Forty-five towels later, the job was finished.

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